Gator Dust™ & Gator Sand™

Gator Dust™

Gator Dust™ Polymeric Stone Dust
Gator Dust™ Polymeric Stone Dust

A polymeric stone dust for natural stone joints. Gator Dust™ Bond is designed specifically for flagstone and natural-stone installation.

  • High-performance Gator Dust™ is flexible, vs. rigid cement joints
  • Easiest installation: just sweep polymeric stone dust into joints
    • With “cement joint,” an expert needs to trowel cement into place
  • Unique Sahara beige & stone gray colors enhance the look of any hardscaping project

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Gator Sand™ Bond XP

Gator Dust™ Before & After
Gator Dust™ Before & After

Unique polymeric binders and calibrated sand reformulated for extra performance — ideal for projects featuring wider paver joints. Install like regular paver joint sand, but add water to form a locking bond between joints

  • Beige or slate gray
  • Holds pavers securely in place, even along flat or sloped surfaces
  • Can be used for paver joints up to 2.5 cm (1 inch)
  • Sets at any above-freezing temperature (0°C/32°F or higher)

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