Stone Age™ Fireplaces

A Lost Art

Stone Age™ Fireplaces
Stone Age™ Fireplaces

[dropcapsqr type=”orange” size=”large” ] W [/dropcapsqr] hile the competition sacrifices longevity and quality for convenience and cheaper prices, Stone Age Fireplaces® offer:

  • Durable all-masonry construction
  • Easy assembly
  • Affordable pricing

Stone Age Fireplaces® kits are available in three sizes (measurement = firebox opening width):

  • 24 inch
  • 36 inch & 36 inch “see-through”
  • 48 inch
Stone Age™ Fireplaces
Stone Age™ Fireplaces

Each model is fully customizable:

  • Arched or straight top opening
  • Wood or gas log

Full Product Line

Stone Age Fireplaces® also makes pizza ovens, brick ovens and outdoor kitchens.

Visit the Stone Age Fireplaces site for details, or call for immediate pricing!